How have common myths surrounding casino games built up over time?


Whether it is online or offline play, the casino sectoris filled with a fairnumber of stories which often get repeated. From rigged casinos to unfair games and the notion that players are ‘due’ a win, there are many which abound. These types of stories are usually not true and are instead fake legendswhich have taken hold over time.

The problem is that believing them can put you off from enjoying the fun this type of game brings and causes you to have the wrong impression of classic games like poker or roulette. This would be a real shame as the truth is that, as long as you play responsibly, there is no reason to worry about casino gaming or a need to avoid it. The best NJ online casinos (such as Resorts Casino online) offer a safe place to play fair, fun games. 

It is not just negative myths which surround casino games though – some legends are just fun shaggy dog stories which take hold. The real question to answer is just how do they build up over time? 

Stories passed between people

People love to talk and love to share outrageous stories they have heard with each other. This can have a huge knock-on effect and people pass stories between them, until they spread around the world. If enough people tell the same story over a prolonged period, then it soon becomes an enduring myth. In addition, the rise of the internet and online casino forums has seen myths spread even faster. This is why getting trusted information around casino games (such as slot myths and how they really work) is so crucial.

Movies, TV and media

The casino sector has long been a favorite for TV/movie directors and has seen the way they represent casino play feedback into pop culture. As a result, depictions of casino gaming in movies like Rainman and Casino have created legends which have stuck in real-life. The same is also true for print or online news. It is all too easy for them to cover a story about casino gaming which can then lead to a mythbeing created.

Sore losers and good PR

When it comes to how casino game myths spring up, you have to consider the people who are behind such stories. Someone who starts a myth about an online slot game being rigged, for example, might simply be a sore loser! The flip side of this is someone who wants to look good to others and might create a casino game myth (such as playing and winning at poker for five days without sleep) to do this.

Casino game myths come from various sources

There is no doubt that there are some common legendsaround casino games which have become rooted in public consciousness. This does not mean they are always true though! As the above shows, you have to look at where the story originates and what motivation is behind it first.



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